The Cages Aren't Empty, and All the Devils Are Here

by Ossifrage

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released January 9, 2017

Written & Performed by Ossifrage. Produced & Recorded by MAMMALHAMMER.



all rights reserved


Ossifrage Columbia, South Carolina

Richard Salane - Vocals

Chloe Rhea - Guitar//Vocals

Dylan Senterfeit - Drums

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Track Name: Tokyo 3 Lives in a Perpetual Summer
Track Name: The Same Clip of a Cicada Buzzing in Every Outdoor Scene
​I watched the rainfall shaking the trees, hoping their song would lull me to sleep. Ghosts dance and laugh in the distance. There's smoke on my tongue. I've been staring at a broken clock praying time stopped. There is a hole in my head. Crawling. Longing. Choking. Gasping.
Track Name: Not Into It. Definitely Over It.
​This city's light are a little less bright than the ones that I've been used to. If I ever say I wasn't running away, just know I was always a liar. There's salt in my veins, spring in my eyes and five stories crawling with death. April came fast and choked at the sea; unraveled the life we once knew. We saw the light at the end of this tunnel, but aren't we all just jumping towards a train?
Track Name: The Cages Aren't Empty, and All the Devils Are Here
​I've run with the dead and seen their blank eyes. I've dined in their graves. By arrows and knives we've reddened the world. Sharpen your spears. Fall on their points. We will hunt the hunters. We will torch their homes. Turn the gun on yourself. The leaves have wept before us. The sky has greyed at our feet. Hunger befalls our children. Death befalls our youth. We will hunt the hunters.
Track Name: Man Fears the Darkness, and So He Scrapes Away at the Edges of it With Fire
​I've sought the stillest air. Awash in the dusk to talk with the moon. "We are not meant for this place," the cold stream whispered to me. Softly. Sweetly. Our hands have unwound the sea. We are transient. Our monuments illusory. We'll lay our head on the roots and wait for the rain. Arms outstretched to the sky burning in the light. Gently, blissfully, until the leaves bind our tongue. We will be forgotten. We will turn to dust.
Track Name: My Heart Is an Ocean That Has Been Lit on Fire
​My heart is an ocean that has been lit on fire.